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Exciting times for Butlins...

Butlins are expanding their premium accommodation portfolio with a new hotel at their Bognor Regis Resort. Ocean Hotel is due to open in August, and is already getting some good coverage from The Sun and The Telegraph. Even better, Butlins features at number 8 in  The Times 100 Summer Ho... [More]

Innovative form of recycling

Innovative form of recycling
better than a stud wall...  ...probably not as energy efficient .

Mind boggling figures

In December 2008 Facebook drew 228 million unique worldwide visitors; more than 1 in 5 people who accessed the internet visited the site. Facebook now has 100 million more global users than MySpace. Page views are even more dramatic 80 billion for Facebook versus 43 billion for MySpace in Dece... [More]

Great stop motion music video

The tune is alright aswell.

A Digital Dark Age?

A Digital Dark Age?
 Websites must be saved for posterity, so says Lynne Bridley, the chief executive of the British Library. If not, historians will be faced with yawning gaps of information. Take George Bush, for example, late of the White House, all traces of whom have been vanished from the Presidential websit... [More]