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2012 – It’s a big year. Huge.

Somehow in the next 12 months London has to fit in an Olympic Games, the United States needs to hold a Presidential election and the whole World must navigate its way through the Apocalypse. If all this isn’t eventful enough 2012 is also being proclaimed as the year for Social Media.

We’re not one for making wild predictions at Libertine (although we will go out on a limb and say Facebook & Twitter are probably here to stay…), and there are already plenty of Social Media “Experts” out there telling you what to expect. We did however think that we’d take you through a couple of new social platforms we’re excited about using in the year of the Dragon. Let’s start with Pinterest…

Pinterest is the hot new social site of the moment (so hot you could fry an egg on its home page) and 2012 is going to be its year.

For those of you new to ‘Pinning’, Pinterest is like having your own public scrap book for Internet clipping. Currently these clippings are of pictures and videos – although text will no doubt soon be on its way. Your Pinterest profile consists of Pin-Boards titled with the topics you’re interested in (say ‘Products’ or ‘Album Art’). Once your boards are set up you then go about adding Pins to them – cool and interesting things you find on the internet.

This added content can either come from the Pinterest social network (re-pinning images and videos put up by the users you follow) OR, much more interestingly, straight off the web courtesy of the magic ‘Pin It’ button. When you sign up you are given the option to install this ‘Pin It’ button to your bookmarks bar. If you see anything you like whilst web browsing hit ‘Pin-It’ and this allows you to seamlessly post anything you like from the page you’re on directly onto your pin board – no copy and paste here.

Of course Pinterest exploits the social in social media. In addition to adding other people’s pins to your boards you can like/tag people and also share content on both facebook (there’s a brand new app) and twitter. Excellent.

The really exciting potential of Pinterest for brands is in the crowd sourcing nature of the network. Brand related images and products posted by other Pinterest users can now be found using the search functions and applied to brand boards. Brands are also able to see who’s pinning (and what’s proving popular) from their own websites

To conclude Pinterest really captures the spirit of 2012 which, from a brand perspective anyway, is going to be much more about monitoring the output of followers as supposed to generating brand content for them. (See no predictions from us in this blog – nope.)

Next up we’ll take a peek at Instagram…