Wickes DIY Videos

Wickes diy videos

The growth of video content online in recent years has been astounding. With this, an increasing number are for ‘how to’ videos and cover a multitude of subjects. A sizeable proportion are for DIY projects. Very few though are of any notable quality or from well respected and authoritative sources. We saw this as an opportunity for Wickes to capitalise on their strong, trusted and professional reputation and utilising their extensive knowledge of DIY.

We decided to create a small number videos that covered the most popular ‘how to DIY’ search terms. The nine videos created include subjects such as decking, fencing, laying laminate flooring and tiling as well as fitting radiators, insulating a loft and even plastering. All feature a wide array of Wickes products and provide helpful trade tips to enable anyone to confidently undertake those projects.

The videos can be viewed on the Wickes website & YouTube channel at: http://www.wickes.co.uk/pcat/webtv or http://www.youtube.com/user/wickesvideo