Five habits

Five Habits Of A Highly Effective Community Manager – No 5 Focus

Five habits

A few weeks ago the good folk over at Vitrue presented ‘Five Habits of a highly effective community manager’ to the audience attending the Social Influence Conference, London 2012. In preparation for this exciting event they contacted Libertine to see what we made of the 5 points originally identified by our esteemed American peers.

Somehow in the process or elaborating our thoughts the Thunderbirds got involved and each habit ended being paired with a Tracy brother. Natural fit really.
Trust us when we say you’re all in for a treat…

Thunderhabit 5. Focus

– Know when, where and how to best engage.
Just like all great community managers John Tracy carefully monitored various communication channels, predisposed to listen out for key words or phrases associated with his brand (e.g. help our oil rig is on fire / there are giant alligators in my house). More importantly though John knew precisely which channels he should really focus on, those which best complemented the needs of the organization. John appreciated that he couldn’t have a meaningful presence on all networks; instead he concentrated the resources of International Rescue to where it really mattered.

Today it is likely that John would have spent most of his time monitoring and utilising Twitter where disasters can be tracked in realtime.

– Have clear objectives.
Being one of the oldest brothers (and the one stuck looking down at Earth) John clearly understood the ‘Big picture’, the overall objective of International Rescue – i.e. to come to the aid of those who otherwise couldn’t be rescued. Being the eye in the sky (space) he could set SMART goals for his brothers, working out how to best use resources and where. The content and information he re-laid was also carefully tailored to meet the needs of his audience/brothers. Community managers too need to understand what their overall objective is (why is their brand using social media) and tailor the content they produce to assist achieving this goal.

– Identify influencers and make them friends.
When communicating with those in crisis John identified key influencers and quickly established strong relationships with them, carefully extracting insights and information. Once the day had been saved it was often these key influencers who would go on and naturally spread the message of International Rescue, passionately promoting the organization and naturally increasing awareness without John needing to do anything. Good community managers can achieve the very same results for their brand.

*Next up it’s Gordon Tracy with Thunderhabit 4… AND for more Thunderbird fun and games have a watch of the excellent At Home with the Tracy’s.