Fox's and the biscuit poets
Fox's and the biscuit poets

Fox’s And The Biscuit Poets

Fox's and the biscuit poets

Ever heard of the Biscuit Poets? Where have you been? They run a blog called biscuitpoetry and describe themselves much better than I ever could – “Tuesday at 9:30am we tuck into a different packet of biscuits and write a poem about them. We are from Headway Southampton; we have all had a brain injury and have a lot of fun writing poems about biscuits – we hope you enjoy them.” A couple of weeks ago they posted a slightly moany poem about Fox’s Chunkie.

Dear Mr Fox,

We are not happy it’s plain to see
As we eat your biscuits with our tea
The packaging promised a treat from heaven
But once inside there’s only seven
Extremely chocolatey – what a nonsense
We want MORE chocolate on our conscience
If you’ve been making them since 1853
You haven’t progressed much, quite frank-ly
The ingredients promise a coconut taste
You needn’t have bothered, what a waste

An advert starring a gangster panda
Is not enough to prevent our slander
We have to say we feel outfoxed
There just aren’t enough biscuits in this box.
Yours sincerely,
The Biscuit Poets

We thought it deserved a response so we sent them a barrel full of biscuits with a personal letter from Vinnie the Panda, Foxes Biscuits No. 1 Fan. A sort of biscuit poetry, face off. It’s a nice example of using online and offline channels to create engagement and customer service while supporting the brand