COAP Launches Campaign


Coap (Children of Addicted Parents) is an amazing charity that with very little money is making a very big difference. Every year millions of children suffer because they have a parent who is an addict. Drugs and gambling get a fair bit of publicity but alcohol is often ignored. Yet it is by far the biggest problem. Politicians steer clear of the subject, they would rather stick to the relatively safe topics of reducing binge drinking, anti-social behaviour, teenage delinquency, cheap booze in supermarkets et al.

But the children of alcoholics quietly suffer: they are emotionally ignored, humiliated and sometimes abused. And usually are afraid to talk about it. The problem is not confined to class or education, in fact drink problems in middle class families are on the rise.

Coap do something wery simple and very effective. They run a website ( where children of addicted parents can communicate with each other and get advice from mentors who are all children of addicted parents themselves. And it works: this rally is an issue where a problem shared is a problem halved.

Libertine have helped COAP develop a campaign to promote what they do. It includes ads on bus shelters near London schools, digital advertising (display and Facebook, PPC, Twitter) and posters in schools around the country. The campaign will kick off on the 15th February at an event entitled “saying the unsaid”

Everyone involved in the Campaign has offered their services free of charge: creative development, media and production. It’s a cause we really believe in and a charity where a small amount of money can make a big difference.