Tickling Rats And Advertising

Tickling Rats And Advertising
Who knew? Rats laugh.

They laugh when you tickle them. And they laugh when they play with other rats. You need special audio equipment to hear them. But they do laugh.

They laugh when they’re happy and they laugh when they’re with their friends.

So do Chimpanzees. It turns out that most social mammals laugh: not at jokes but when they are bonding in groups. Humans laugh in the same way. When they are happy amongst friends, it’s a way of saying “I like you and I like being with you.”

So making people laugh is very powerful. Simply put, if you want to be liked a good starting point is to make people laugh.

Some of the most successful advertising ever created has been based on making people laugh. It seems sort of obvious but the thinking has always been that funny ads get noticed and are more likely to be talked about.

The reality may be be a bit more interesting. Brands that make people laugh may actually be creating a stronger emotional bond with people. And by association with feeling happy they are likely to benefit from positive psychological association.

Funny ads turn out to be the equivalent of tickling a rat.