What You Know Or Who You Know


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” How many times have I heard that over the years. And it’s always with a sneer, a sense that it should be what you know not who you know.

Actually it’s what you know AND who you know. In a world where the competition in every field and for every job role is intense you can’t ignore either.

30 years ago when education and information were the preserve of the elite and privileged what you know was all that counted.

20 years ago when economies were booming and new markets were emerging who you know could get you a long way. Even if you lacked substance.

But nowadays. I’m afraid you need both. So if you are starting out in a career in advertising (or any other career) I suggest you do do both:

Learn everything you can about the business
Get to know everyone you can who is in the business

And remember, one is neither better nor easier than the other. Some people find learning easy, some people find getting to know people easy.

They will get you a long way, then you just need a bit of luck.