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Clapton & Miller

Calpton Miller

A fantastic evening at the Albert Hall last week. And not only because the Shepherd Neame brewery had taken some boxes in close proximity to Eric Clapton, celebrating 50 years as a pro musician. The concert was also used as a backdrop to officially launch the new campaign for Spitfire Ale featuring Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller – or rather their alter egos the street-talking pilots from the Armstrong and Miller Show.

Libertine has worked with Shepherd Neame for nearly 20 years (yes, really!), and the new campaign replaces the previous ‘Red’ work (‘Downed all over Kent just like the Luftwaffe’ et al) which ran for around 15 years. New work, but the ‘Bottle of Britain’ strapline and sentiment remains.

Seen here left to right is Russell Wailes, Libertine’s Creative Director; Jonathan Neame, CEO of Shepherd Neame, and Ben Miller, (with apologies for the grainy backlit iPhone pic).

The first four TV ads launch in July, written by Russell and writing partner Tim Garth in collaboration with Ben and Xander. For a behind-the-scenes peek at the recent TV and photo shoots with Ben and Xander, and to find out what inspired the original creation of the Pilots for the BBC, take a look at the Spitfire Ale youtube channel.