The Profit Bird

Spirit Of Artemis – The Profit Bird In Flight

We were down at the Goodwood Revival Festival last week to bid farewell to pilot Tracey-Curtis Taylor before she embarks on a solo flight in her open cockpit plane – Spirit of Artemis – from Cape Town to Goodwood. The expedition, which is recreating the journey that pioneering female aviator Mary Heath made in 1928, is being sponsored by Artemis.

We’ve spent the last few months working alongside Artemis, Tracey and the team to design the branding of the plane. When considering the branding, we needed to make sure we struck a good balance between brand visibility and making sure the plane still maintained it’s authenticity. For those aviation enthusiasts, the plane is a reconditioned Boeing Stearman, which first flew in 1942. The first challenge was to name the plane, together we came up with the name ‘Spirit of Artemis’. We created the logo for this using the familiar Artemis brand icon of the Profit Bird, but unlike our regular Profit, this one has wings! The Profit can also be seen spreading it’s wing span on the underside of the plane, visible when the plane is airborne, as if in full flight.

The plane was on exhibition for the whole of the weekeend at Goodwood drawing quite a crowd of admirers, including a member of the Royal Family! Now that the festival has finished, Tracey is flying the plane to Hungary where it will be disassembled, packed up and shipped to Cape Town, to then be reassembled for take off in November.

Tracey’s journey will be subject of a documentary, made by Nylon films. If you want to find out more about Cape Town to Goodwood and follow Tracey’s progress, you can visit the website or follow on Facebook at

The Profit Bird