London Wins At Cannes

London wins at Cannes

The Cannes Lions this year highlighted just why London is at the forefront of advertising and the creative industries. It’s multiculturalism, culture and overall vibe make it one of, if not the best cities in the world. And the combination of its powerhouse industries: finance, technology and media make it a huge draw for talent around the world. Simply put, it is at the top of the creative premier league as far as cities go.

But wait, news just in from George Osborne is that a fast rail link between Leeds and Manchester is going to be built so that these cities can at last compete with London.

Forgive me if I don’t rush into relocating. There are a thousand reasons why we choose to locate in London, a few of which I have just touched on. A high speed train link between Leeds and Manchester is really not a reason to reconsider. Let’s face it, if speed of getting around was that important, London would have failed along time ago.

If any political party is serious about rebalancing the London economy with the rest of the country then they’re going to have to try a lot harder than that.