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Selling Snow – Ten years of the Artemis ‘Profit Hunter’

Artemis !0 cA little over ten years ago, on a cold station platform, someone from Artemis Fund Managers spotted a poster from our ‘Bottle of Britain’ campaign for Spitfire Premium Ale. They saw something of themselves in the quirky humour. It led to an invitation for us to develop a new campaign for Artemis. ‘Give us a Spitfire’, they said. They got the ‘Profit Hunter’.

A few months after the campaign broke, Artemis Managing Director Dick Turpin commented that “Libertine held a mirror up to us and reflected our best side”. Not everyone was so kind. The chairman of one of the other agencies that pitched wrote rather publicly that ‘The man who sold that campaign could sell snow to the Eskimos’. An ungallant and highly inaccurate sentiment, but he wasn’t alone – the campaign polarised strongly when it first broke. Thankfully it has proved hugely successful as a builder of brand, driver of business and point of pride for Artemis. And it’s now ten years old.

Ten years. This is a wonderful achievement but certainly not a foregone conclusion. In the first few years of the campaign Dick used occasionally to ask how long the campaign might last. He hasn’t asked for a while, which is good because I still don’t know the answer. All I know is that without him and the team at Artemis it wouldn’t have happened at all. So in tribute to a brave and loyal client we ran Libertine’s only ever paid-for ad (yes, irony noted) as a ‘thank you’.

We’ve also produced a retrospective of the campaign’s highlights – ‘A Decade of Profit Hunting’. We did it for us, and for anyone else who’s interested. If you’d like a copy please ask