The Role of Marketing

shutterstock_192985127It may sound obvious but I don’t think businesses think about it long enough or hard enough before they appoint their Marketing Directors.

Here’s an anecdotal example. A Marketing Director I know is adamant that his role is to increase the value of the business. I happen to know that his CEO thinks his role is to drive sales. This is a business where a huge amount of the value is wrapped up in goodwill which in turn is made up of customer relationships and brand value. While sales are important for short term business objectives the only way to increase the long term value of the business is better customer relationships and building more salient brands.

But if the CEO thinks the Marketing Directors role is to drive sales he must be bewildered by some of the activity that his Marketing Director is up to. So one hand of the business is trying to build long term relationships while the other hand thinks he is driving sales. It is is destined to end in tears!

This is just one example of many where Marketing Departments have a different agenda from the Board without either side either being aware or understanding why it’s important. In reality, nothing is more important, without a shared understanding, a common agenda and crystal clear clarity about the roles and priorities for the Marketing Department there is no chance of success. And how could there be, different parties have a different idea of what success is!