The truth well told

shutterstock_147491189_940x528What goes around comes around. Advertising is continually changing but like all art forms it also has a habit of revisiting, recycling and reinventing.

The pioneers of advertising tended to focus on dramatising product truths. “A truth well told” was really the underlying philosophy.

This gave way to a  period based on a different philosophy which could be summed up as myth building. This was less about product truth and more about myth creation.

But it feels like the circle is turning back to the “truth well told”. A more cynical, better informed and connected consumer is less susceptible or forgiving of obvious attempts to create myths. They see through it and share their cynicism with their friends. People no longer trust the establishment and particularly big corporations. Suddenly trying to own emotional territories simply by myth building and entertaining feels a bit hollow.

The current zeitgeist would suggest a strategy based on finding a genuine truth with hard evidence to back it up seems the most appropriate approach. This could be a brand truth, a product truth or pointing to a specific piece of corporate behaviour or content. The point being to dramatise reality, not invent it. It may sound a bit old-fashioned but it might just work.