Red Card

Should we give banner ads the red card?

With the online channel evolving, why is it that banner advertising has failed to keep up? So often the scourge of their target audience, yet loved by publishers and media agencies, these days online technology allows for a far greater immersive experience. These new technologies enhance the online environment offering brands new and innovative ways to create engagement and provide genuinely useful content. My question is, why do digital publishers still sell (and create) ad space as if the channel is the same as offline – in bulk, inflexible and intrusive?

People consume digital in a wholly different way – usually in search mode and insight hungry. Yet the banners appear on my webpage as if I were reading my Sunday newspaper – shouting at me, trying to get me to stop what I’m doing and check in. Phew! Rant over.

There is always an exception and in this case, it comes from 3M. Their idea, to replace banner ads with post-its, has been executed perfectlyRed Card