The robots are coming!

With technology becoming increasingly fundamental to everything we do it really doesn’t seem much of a leap till we have drones/robots doing almost all manual tasks. When this sort of future is shown to us in a sci-fi film it feels like a dramatic change but the reality is that it is already happening and the changes come by increments. These increments are dangerous as we risk allowing all our world to be revolutionised with no pause for thought. The truth is that we are, in my opinion, heading towards a society where all forms of labour, down to every last little task you can think of are redundant as everything is automated. The big question we need to ask ourselves is whether we want to allow this to happen or decide to live our lives in a different way? A lot of big things are largely automated already such as car building but it is when all the small things are too that our lives will really change. Imagine not having to do the washing, cleaning or go shopping and restock the fridge. If we do allow it to happen we will create a huge amount of “leisure” time, what do we do with it?