Our review of immersive theatre experience Time Run

This weekend one of our team  experienced Time Run, an immersive theatre experience in which participants are challenged to solve puzzles against the clock in a time travelling quest. It’s an interactive experience, think Crystal Maze meets Back to the Future.  Challengers have one hour to travel across three eras, working as a team, in a quest to help Luna Fox and her assistant Babbage in retrieving a precious relic that’s been lost in time.


Sounds pretty fantastical right? It is! From the concept to the production values, everything has been meticulously thought out. Even before you arrive they are guiding you into the experience; the address led us to an industrial area of east London, where we were advised to ring on the doorbell of an unssuming door not a minute later or earlier than our start time. After a thorough briefing,  you enter the time portal and are propelled into another era. You certainly need to have your freethinking cap on! At  first it was disorientating and the challenges are not easy.  We competed in two teams and neither team were able to fulfil the quest in the allotted time. That didn’t detract from the experience though. It’s an exhilarating hour and certainly something to recommend to anyone looking for an original and entertaining experience.