Brick Lane

Fuckoffee – controversy as strategy

Brick Lane

Step forward Brick Lane Coffee and its sister establishment Fuckoffee. It’s caused a sudden stir by writing on a chalkboard “Sorry no Uggs (Slag Wellies)”. This has caused obvious offence amongst the local residents and the Twittersphere for being both Misogynist and Classist.


The two important questions are:

Was this a misjudgment or is this a brand that has decided that controversy is in it’s DNA? And if it is, could that be a successful brand strategy for a coffee shop?


Given one of its shops is called Fuckoffee, I think the answer to the first question is probably yes.


For the answer to the second we will have to wait and see. Certainly, if brand fame is all that matters, then their approach seems to have worked. But is that all that is needed for success.


Do enough people want this sort of humour from their coffee shop? Or do they just want great coffee and a nice atmosphere? Or is there room for both?


I am afraid whatever you personal views , the proof will be in the pudding.


Whatever the outcome though, if you are interested in brand strategy, Fuckoffee is most certainly one to watch.