Living in a Virtual Reality

Last time I looked at how Robots could change our lives and asked what we will do with all the leisure time they will, in all likelihood, create. For my money it will involve Virtual Reality. Given the current progress on Oculus Rift and their ilk we really aren’t far away from the kind of immersive experience they began promising us decades ago. With the huge growth in gaming, it’s not a massive leap to see us getting to a position where large numbers of people are spending an inordinate amount of time in VR worlds. As technology improves, these experiences will only become more and more real. When the lines between the real and virtual worlds blur, and with robots doing all the work for us, one wonders at what point people will start to think living life in a virtual world is better than the real. Imagine, for example, your favourite film or book completely interactive and utterly realistic, would you ever leave it?


For a perspective on Robots from a greater mind than mine read a blog by David Harding, from one of our clients Winton.