Our review of Legend

So, if you don’t already know, the film is about the life of the Krays. From what we can tell it’s a fairly close depiction of real life events. Like with most crime films, at first it glorifies then it vilifies the life of the underworld as characters have to pay the price for their actions. But here’s where it gets interesting and we see an example of some real freethinking; Tom Hardy plays BOTH of the Kray twins. This had a huge impact, not only for the sheer range of emotions to come from one man, but also for the ubiquity of Hardy throughout the film. This did have its drawbacks however, Hardy is such a powerful force and as he plays two characters he draws all attention, and this is the perennial problem with freethinking, a great lateral idea can enrich but it can also detract; getting that balance exactly right is a challenge.

If we had to give feedback, it felt like there needed to be a character equal in presence to act as a foil to Hardy. They could also have done more to illustrate the history and childhood of the twins to explain where they came from as characters. Having said that we would definitely recommend it and would say it’s well worth a watch, if only to be mesmerised by Hardy’s performance.