Towards the end of last year, and certainly at the beginning of this year, you will no-doubt have come across various marketing predictions for 2016.


Ranging from the High in Fat, Sugar or Salt (HFSS) discussion, to ad blocking, to gender inequality, to the never ending tech debate. And let’s not forget that TV ad revenues are predicted to increase by 5 – 10% this month.


May 2016 will also be incredibly interesting for ‘Adland’ (I can’t stand that term) when Boris Johnson steps down – his office and his successors will have a direct impact on those of us working in the Capital.


I’ve also just read that the Advertising Association will have ‘responsibility’ at the top of their agenda. This bodes well for the aforementioned gender inequality issue, but if it means restrictions on advertising HFSS, then I disagree. I believe HFSS should have heavier taxations. Mexico introduced a 10% tax on drinks with a high sugar content. This introduction resulted in a 12% reduction in sales.


Our GDP is set to increase by 2.5% this year. And the advertising sector (creative and media agencies) is set to more than double that at 5.3%.


So there’s loads to be optimistic about. Lots of change to embrace and be agents of.


I just wish there was more talk about the simple stuff – the more fundamental things like ‘Core values’ and ‘Purpose’. Because if you get this sort of stuff right, then the latest trends can be added on (or taken away) as and when.


I’d give a talk if I were qualified. But I’m not, so maybe watch this video of Steve Jobs talking about the strategy behind ‘Think Different’. It’s a good ‘un. Full of words and phrases like ‘Core Values’.