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Jack The Ripper Tour

This week one of us braved the cold and went back in time to the Victorian era on a Jack the Ripper Tour of East London, retracing the steps of Jack the Ripper himself.
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We originally had our reservations that a Jack the Ripper Tour could be quite gimmicky, but we were proven wrong. The tour guide, Mick, really knew his stuff, not just about the Jack the Ripper investigations but the history and streets of East London. Plus he gets free thinking credit from us for carrying a small projector in his pocket and projecting old photos of buildings and victims on the walls as we went round to further add to the tour.

Walking along the old cobbled streets, putting yourself back in the time period of the Victorians and imagining how much or little has changed was fascinating. It made you look at London in a different light; appreciating the old buildings and streets, and the vast amount of history they hold. A lot of the old streets that were described were now under or within new development sites, which highlights how much of London’s history we may have lost in the race for new housing and demand for space.

We would definitely recommend this if you’ve got a spare tenner you don’t know what to do with and want to learn a bit about historical London. Find out more about the tour here. http://www.thejacktherippertour.com