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Male Grooming_Blog_940X528Stand aside Zoella, Pixi Woo and Tanya Burr. 2016 is the year of the male beauty blogger.


Gone are the days when men just want to roll out of bed and get out the door. With 1/3 of men spending at least 30 minutes a day on their personal appearance, male grooming is a rapidly growing industry.


Maybe it’s the growing number of male reality TV stars and high-profile celebrities; or the rise of social media and the selfie generation, where one swipe can make the difference between a date or a night in with a takeaway; or the fact that the digital revolution has brought a bank of information to your finger tips without the embarrassment of having to ask anyone, but one thing is clear – male grooming content is on the rise. The last couple of years has seen a surge of male grooming on social media and last year YouTube saw the views in this category more than double. With increasing followings of blogs such as The Gentleman Blogger and The Chic Geek it looks like this category is set to continue growing at a rapid rate in 2016.


And it’s not just social media that is changing in this category. With this new interest to seek out information for themselves, rather than depending on the advice of their girlfriends and female friends, the way men’s grooming products are being bought is even changing, with reportedly approximately 75% of men now purchasing their own beauty products.