The Shoryu Ramen Experience


I am a creature of habit and very rarely am I coaxed out of my comfort zone when it comes to food. I know what I like, so I tend to stick to what I know and love. This year I want to make a conscious effort to be more adventurous and immerse myself in new culture and new foods, first on the list, ramen.


The closest thing I’ve had to a ramen are the DIY instant packet noodles that you add boiling water to…. not very authentic at all. I’ve heard so many great reviews about the restaurant Shoryu, so my friends and I decided to check it out.


Shoryu currently have five branches in London, we visited the Lower Regent Street branch. The restaurant is low lit with a buzzy atmosphere and traditional Japanese decor. When seated our waiter took us through the menu and recommended their most popular dishes and drinks. This is their practice for first timers and great for someone like me because I am extremely indecisive.


I opted for the Miso Wafu Chicken, which is soy milk, white miso, shiitake mushroom, konbu soy broth, mushrooms, seaweed, spring onion, and ginger. Served in a deep traditional ramen bowl with a ladle. The cocktails are great too, I had the Yuzu Mojito and the Dirty Lychee, but what really stole my heart were the Shoryu buns. They are little fluffy steamed buns filled with meat and salad. Absolutely delicious!


Shoryu are one of the few restaurants to accommodate you whether you’re out for dinner or on the go. With four dine in restaurants, a takeaway only restaurant, and an upcoming Shoryu Ramen food wagon! They pretty much have you covered for a fine dining experience wherever you are.


If you are looking for a good ramen restaurant I’d recommend Shoryu.


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