Facebook video_940x528


Facebook video_940x528A report from The Information last year suggested a significant decline in the number of people sharing original content on Facebook. This was especially apparent amongst the under 30s who have turned to platforms such as Snapchat, with it’s easy content creation tools, fun filters and personalisation features, for sharing personal content.


As sharing personal, original content is the key element that makes Facebook such a social site, rather than just another search engine returning web content, since this report they have understandably been doing a lot of work to revert this. Enter Facebook’s latest video updates including Facebook Live, and video search, both small but important additions that they are hoping will change the way people use the platform.


The introduction of Facebook Live lets people, public figures and Pages share live video with their followers and friends, essentially Facebook’s attempt at Periscope and Snapchat, but without as many fun features and filters.


As well as attempting to take on live video streaming applications, Facebook have also made a bid to take on YouTube with their new video search and suggested video features. The search works as you would expect, you enter key words to find the content you’re after, and the ‘suggested videos’ feature does just that – it suggests content, aiming to encourage people to watch multiple related videos once one has been viewed. As Facebook hasn’t originally been used for this however, most content it badly tagged if at all, and there are currently no search filters so the search results aren’t great.


Other developments include; allowing users to multi-task by watching videos in a floating screen whilst simultaneously being able to continue using Facebook, and supplementing trending topics with relevant live streams.


Facebook is clearly making a huge effort to up it’s game in relation to original video content and these new features will no doubt continue to improve, but only time will tell if they will revolutionise the way we use it, or if their efforts to give similar platforms a run for their money is too little too late.