I am pilgrim



I am pilgrim


I Am Pilgrim is a book you will pick up and simply won’t put down. It takes you on a journey through different cities and countries on a whirlwind of criminal activity trying to prevent a plot that could destroy humanity.

It is incredibly well written and reads from the perspective of a retired secret services agent after events have happened. This enables Terry Hayes to set up the scenes with an element of hindsight which casts more intrigue and suspense.


The plot of the book is extremely impactful. Without going into any depth or giving the story away, there are aspects of real history and potential future happenings that are unnerving and a little too close for comfort.


The book is made up of very short chapters which is great and ensures transitions between characters and their stories are clear and concise. Hayes is an apt writer of suspense thrillers and manages to hold your attention throughout (and it is 800 pages!).
This book is highly recommended and has already done the rounds at the majority of Libertine!