Over-sharing blog post

Online over-sharing: Why can’t we stop?

Nowadays, it’s common for us to share online. If we want, we can share every inch of our daily lives, in fact we see online over-sharing everywhere. Is your status one of the 293,000 that will be updated in the next minute? From where we stopped for our morning coffee, the trainers worn on our Sunday run and who we saw for dinner last night is suddenly being projected onto the news feed of that friend of a friend… that you may have met once at a party, years ago. Do people really care about what we do day-to-day, or are we just trying and failing to make a great impression in the world of competitive lifestyles? We could just text our family or friends if it’s really that important.


Psychologists have found that Facebook updates reveal a lot about personality traits, looking at when, why, and how many you are uploading. Would you consider yourself a common narcissist? If #shamelessselfie is a regular update you probably are, with the need for validation. But, if you’re bragging about your romantic partner, you can be popped into the low self-esteem category. If your kids appear on your social channels often, don’t worry – you’re the conscientious type, and extraverts will quite expectedly be posting about their social activities. Once you’ve decided which you are, then maybe consider why you can’t stop? 


Our experiences are enhanced by sharing them, and uploading your life will often lead to rewards, in the form of social response. It does appear that those who share more online are seeking validation from others, but unfortunately, we underestimate how much other people want to see these life snippets. Are we all trying to depict the perfect life, or simply wanting to share important moments with family and friends?Over-sharing blog post