The Rise of the Social Influencer

Recent studies suggest the ‘Social Influencer’ is becoming more powerful to brands than bloggers are, with influencers having the ability to harness the voice of the consumer and to really sway purchasing decisions.


Instagram and YouTube have driven this rise in influencers, being the most used social platforms for these types of campaigns, and is where they seem to be their most influential. Currently, more brands are working with influencers than they are with bloggers – which is a huge shift.
It seems brand endorsement through social influencers appears more genuine to shoppers, with sponsored posts not being their sole income, focus or profession, compared to the larger blogger scene. However, it’s a form of quick income for the influencer, rather than the reputation of a career and passion for bloggers. For brands to make a decision on what will work for them it can be a simple decision, based on the influencers social following, combined with their knowledge in a certain sector.


The more successful, original bloggers who flourished in the noughtie’s when the blogging phenomenon began have now turned their hand to other business ventures, for example Ciara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) who is now blogger come fashion designer, model, spokesperson & book writer, has in turn formed into a social influencer herself. There are also the group of influencers who have found their position through reality TV shows, such as Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, Love Island etc. Who have grown huge social followings of genuine supporters, again making brand endorsement very effective – they are relatable and ‘in-touch’ with their following community.


Recent research from Takumi shows us that a group of micro influencers is more powerful than one or two Insta-famous celebs like the Kardashians, due to the organic engagement that smaller influencers gain from valuable and engaged followers.


With this fast growing relationship between brands and influencers overtaking the importance of bloggers, what will the next social sensation be and who should consumers trust? Blog_image