Review: The Luna Cinema

If you are looking for something different to do on a late summer’s evening, we would recommend The Luna cinema. Running a variety of classic films across the UK including: Back to the Future, Jaws, Top Gun, Anchorman, Mean Girls and Star Wars (to name just a few!) – there is something for everyone!

One of our team popped down to Victoria Tower Gardens to see Dirty Dancing. At this location the Houses of Parliament made up a beautiful backdrop to the screen. Somehow, we hadn’t actually seen Dirty Dancing before… a crime in itself – however the overall atmosphere and set up made a great film, even better.

We were really lucky with the weather, although we were prepped with ponchos and raincoats in case (the films will continue to run despite the British weather – so prepare!). There is food and drinks available at the venue, but we do suggest you bring your own picnic supplies – don’t forget your blankets!

Outdoor cinemas are actually not a new idea. Dating back to 1915, the first drive in cinema was set up in New Mexico. The concept grew and became popular throughout America in the 1920s. Skip forward many, many years to the revival of the outdoor cinema, where you can now have access to films at almost any location (without your car and at a small price).

We would definitely recommend checking out one of Luna’s locations for yourself. The films are running until October when it closes for the winter months. Find out more here: