Libertine Bake Off


Last week we dusted off our aprons and had our rolling pins at the ready for our Christmas Bake Off challenge. Set with the task of each creating a home-made Christmas themed bake, there was a crackle of excitement in the air come Friday morning as everyone had managed to get through the morning rush hour with their cakes intact.  This isn’t the first time Libertine has done a bake off challenge, but it’s fair to say that the standard was much higher this time around with everyone making a sterling effort. It turns out we have some pretty talented bakers at Libertine Towers! The judges certainly had their work cut out for them. There were far too many cakes to detail them all, but of particular note was the ‘Best of 2016’ cake, featuring pictures of all of those dearly beloved celebrities that we’ve lost this year (well not all of them, there’s not a cake big enough that could hold that many pictures). Although unbeknown to the judges the pictures weren’t actually edible. A gin and tonic cheesecake, although not strictly festive, but who doesn’t like a gin and tonic at Christmas? And some delectable flavours from a winter berries gateaux and a sticky ginger cake that was just divine. The savouries were represented too with some delicious sausage rolls and ‘Christmas dinner in a pie’ which took joint third place. But alas, there could only be 3 winners. And deserved winners they were too. What set these bakes apart from everyone else was the creativity and ambition of them. In third place a winter house complete with roaring fire on the inside, second place a Christmas tree constructed of individual biscuits and in first place a towering red velvet cake complete with wood carved cake decoration, all based on the wreath featuring in the portrait of our very own Lord Rochester! But as much fun as I’m sure everyone had taking part, the highlight of the afternoon was definitely eating all that cake!