Hair by Sam McKnight

smk-blog-3smk-blog-2smk-blog-1When we heard an exhibition was going to be held to celebrate one of the greatest men in hairdressing, and feature our client BaByliss PRO we were naturally very excited. So of course, we ran down there at the earliest opportunity to see what it was all about.


Personal letters from Princess Diana, Mannequins dressed in Vivienne Westwood topped with some of the most famous catwalk hairstyles, and a whole selfie wall. ‘Hair by Sam McKnight’ is so much more than an exhibition just about hair. It’s a true insight into the craft of session styling, the world of fashion and a celebration of Sam McKnight’s astonishing 40 year career.


Not just pictures on a wall, the exhibition really immerses you in the world of a top stylist, including; a ‘backstage area’ which transports you to what it’s really like the behind the scenes, an exploded kit bag showing exactly what Sam packs for a shoot (of course including his BaByliss PRO tools), a film inside Sam’s studio where he originates all of his fantastic styles, and of course a celebration of his work, from a whole section dedicated to Chanel to two entire walls of Vogue covers.


A unique insight into the world of hair, this exhibition is truly inspirational, so whether you’re a budding hair stylist, an advocate of all things creative, or just want to admire one man’s incredible career, this exhibition is definitely worth a visit.


Hair by Sam McKnight is on at Somerset House until 12th March 2017. Find out more here.