By unknown artist, oil on canvas, circa 1665-1670

Libertine started with a simple idea. Thinking creatively can build stronger brands and better businesses. And the key to thinking creatively is the freedom to think with an open mind, without the constraints of corporate culture or category rules. We call it FREETHINKING.

Hence the name Libertine; a word to describe people who think freely and live freely. And the painting of The Earl of Rochester? Well, he was Britain’s original freethinker; poet, philosopher, entertainer and fun-lover (and much more interesting than your usual logo).

And what do we do that makes us freethinking? Well we’re an advertising agency that also leads the way in social media. We are a brand consultancy that’s also expert in internal communications. Our breadth makes us difficult to pigeonhole.

But what we do believe is that brands need to be brave and different if they are to change the world around them. And brands need to differentiate themselves emotionally not focus too much on the functional stuff.

We are proudly independent, collaborative and based in the heart of London in Covent Garden. There are many things that make us proud of Libertine but if one thing stands out it is the length of time our clients stay with us. For them, Freethinking has really delivered.

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