Finding your partner in crime

11 Dec, 2020

No more socialising? Thankfully we managed to get a couple of drinks in with some clients before lockdown 2.0 began. Chatting about life over a glass of wine (or three if I’m honest) we got onto the topic of dating and how it’s hard enough with all the different apps, let alone with a pandemic to contend with.

All our relationships have, and are being, put to the test – whether there is a new potential suitor on the scene or your better half by your side. It got me thinking about how themes in our personal relationships translate into a client/agency setting, as at the end of the day, we are partners.

The last thing you need from your partner is for them to not understand your needs, be overly sensitive and slow to respond. You need a partner who has your back and your vision. A team who want to join you on that journey.

We take our relationships seriously, they’re personal. We’re here to build something that will succeed and great work comes from great relationships.

The ability to be open and honest is key to us understanding your core goal and bringing it to life in a way that truly shows your very best side. Afterall, everyone likes to look good.

Covid-19 has thrown us all in at the deep end and the relationships that survive through these tough times, we like to think, will stand the test of time. We aren’t half looking forward to seeing our clients for a celebratory drink once this is all over.

And whether you’re having to laboriously speed date through a series of agencies or just want to have a chat. Why not get in touch? You might just find your partner in crime.