Human beings need to feel safe

28 Apr, 2023

Over the years we’ve heard time and time again the oft-repeated phrase “nothing matters apart from performance.” It’s just about the numbers. Where they come from isn’t important, there’s no brand loyalty here.

But that’s a bit mad. The thing is, human beings are quite timid animals in many ways, with a lot more herd instinct than many realise.

Financial services are incredibly important in our everyday lives; they fund fundamental stuff like pensions, or school fees or legacies for families. Visceral, emotional things.

Things that you don’t want to trust to a stranger.

When you put your son or daughter on a plane do you want them to fly British Airways on a Boeing or an Airbus? Or do you want them to fly on a AcmeAir (to coin a phrase) Humpty Dumpty 5000?

When you really want painkillers that work when your child is crying would rather give them Calpol? Or Dave’s Pain-Reliever Suspension?

AcmeAir might perfectly get you there on time. Dave’s Pain-Reliever goop might soothe the suffering but the fact is that when things matter, human beings turn to brands they trust.

Even when those brands (think BA) have let them down now and then.

Financial consumers are people.

Advisers are people too.

People feel safer with brands they trust.

That’s why brand building is way more important in this sector than a lot of people realise.
Really, when you think about it, it’s just human nature.