Pensions, Actually

17 Nov, 2021

The filmmaker Richard Curtis, the genius behind comedies like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually, has got serious all of a sudden. He’s started campaigning for a pressure group called Make My Money Matter, a group who are determined to get pension money – so-called slow money- out of things like arms manufacturing, cigarettes and fossil fuels and into firms that are combating climate change, conducting medical research and developing social infrastructure. Traditionally, most people never considered how their pension money was being invested. But unsurprisingly, given the zeitgeist, an increasingly large number are starting to ask questions. Awkward questions. And that’s where marketing communications come in. If you’re a responsible investment company (which more and more pension providers are these days) then you need to tell that story simply, clearly and loudly. Not least because the evidence shows that many investors would be happy to up their contributions significantly, if they thought their money was being used to do good. And move their money out of firms they think are doing long term harm.

For yet more evidence that the ordinary person in the street is starting to realise just how important a role financial services have in society, check out MMMM’s website here