The state of financial advertising isn’t a joke, it’s a serious problem

05 Jan, 2022

For years now, the standard of a typical financial ad has been a bit of a standing joke.

One hackneyed image after another, coupled with tiresome, jargon-ridden writing.
At best winced at by the public, more often simply ignored.

It may not seem like a big deal. But the fact is, financial services matter in a way
that chewing gum and washing powder don’t. Society urgently needs the public’s
investment capital to fund our answers to the pension shortfall and more importantly the climate crisis.

Which means financial services businesses have a duty to start trying a bit harder.
To make themselves more relatable and crucially, easier to understand.

We’ve made it our mission to produce work for financial services businesses that’s
simple, human and engaging. Big ideas that have the stamina to run and run.

And lodge in the public’s consciousness. Work that raises a smile and is nodded along with. Not laughed at.

Above is some of our most recent work. Including our latest work for Artemis
(the most enduring campaign of the 21st century), a highly effective social media
campaign targeting millennials for Baillie Gifford and our new launch campaign for
first-time advertiser Montanaro. Simple, human, effective advertising for some of
the most important financial brands in the UK.