What makes us happy…?

22 Nov, 2017

The latest Sainsbury’s Living Well Index looked at the wellbeing of the nation, based on a representative sample of nearly 9000 people.

So, guess what makes us happy? Or to be more accurate, what aspects of what we do are most likely to lead to positive or negative well-being.Could it be wealth, a happy family or material success?… Guess again.

Number one is sleep. That is, those who get enough sleep to wake up feeling refreshed.

Number two. Satisfaction with sex life. Doesn’t have to be a good sex life, just that you’re satisfied with it.

Number three. Job security.

Number four. Connections with friends, family and community. Sleep, sex, security and social connections.

Any insights then, from this, that marketing folk should take to heart? Well, firstly, don’t assume you know what motivates people or makes them happy.

Secondly, we are human. Humans haven’t changed much in the last 100,000 years. And sleep, sex, security (food and a safe place to sleep) and social connections were probably still the top four for our caveman ancestors.

Where we live, the stuff that surrounds us, what we know and what we do with our lives may have changed beyond all recognition. However, the most important things – what makes us tick and are built into our biology – remain precisely the same.

If we want to connect with people through our brands by understanding peoples’ real drives and motivations, we would do well not to forget this.