Alliance Trust

Finding Your Comfort Zone

One of the oldest names in Financial Services, Alliance Trust, has a very compelling investment story to tell. But needed to find a way to communicate their proposition simply and memorably. While their powerful heritage is starting to make the brand feel dated, belying their current cutting-edge investment approach. So, how do you take a brand with that much history and make it feel modern and exciting for new, younger investors? What research revealed to us was that what investors really wanted was an actively managed fund that wasn’t scary.

Hence, we came up with the idea of ‘comfort zone’. Expressed through a circle that symbolises the bubble of your comfort zone we created a new logo and brand identity that made Alliance Trust feel much more contemporary. The idea, the tone of voice and the look (which informs everything from the website to the advertising campaign) received one of the biggest thumbs ups in consumer research the client has ever seen. Which in turn persuaded the board of Alliance Trust to find more budget to put behind the launch of their new campaign.

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