Baillie Gifford

Of Mice and Money

Last year there was a huge reset in the markets. Something that was challenging for some Baillie Gifford funds but also created opportunities for others. One that has particularly come into its own is the Scottish American Investment Company (also known as SAINTS). Our task was to bring to life the disadvantages of just plumping for a short-term yield at the expense of long-term growth. Which could have been one of the most technical briefs we’ve ever had. But our response is this rather charming piece of animation.

It’s the first episode of a two-part campaign…

Two page magazine spread showing one page containing a Baillie Gifford ad from the Of Mice and Money campaign. The ad shows a mouse about to steal some cheese from a mouse trap. The headline says: "Tempted by a tasty short-term yield? You could regret it."