iM Global Partner

When you want the best, the very best

iM Global Partner is a unique business that gives investors access to a worldwide network of investment boutiques – not by simply acquiring them but instead taking a non-controlling, minority stake. Allowing the asset manager to offer clients a range of top-quality funds from around the world, while the boutiques themselves retain their independence.

The boutiques iMGP call ‘The Partners.’

iMGP’s idiosyncratic approach and complex offering, coupled with low brand awareness, was the challenge the brand was facing.

Following a discovery phase, diving into the culture and personality of the business, it became clear that the core of the business is its unique structure.

From this, we created a clear positioning for the brand: “When you want the best, the very best”. Brought to life creatively through retro style visuals inspired by an era of 1960’s-1970’s TV shows such as Man from U.N.C.L.E and The Persuaders. Drawing from the premise from these classic shows of an elite team made up of exceptional individuals all working independently, yet under one banner.

By tapping into this dynamic, exciting genre we produced a versatile creative concept that heroises and humanises the brand’s Partners. Resulting in a new visual identity for iM Global Partner that now runs through all communications, including a new brand film.