Old Mutual Global Investors

Old Mutual Global Investors came into being as the result of a merger between two very different financial organisations intended to create a business better suited to fast-changing times.

To embody this we used the magnetic children’s construction toy Geomag. A toy that is designed to be endlessly broken down and rebuilt.

As well as being a unique property, Geomag models also had the benefit of allowing us to depict familiar subjects without having to resort to hackneyed stock photography.

Within just three years the campaign was ranked number one for spontaneous consumer awareness and went on to run through a wide variety of executions in the UK, Europe and Asia, from Italian digital banners to Hong Kong trams.

In-situ ad in train station
Four example Old Mutual Ads
Two example Old Mutual Ads
Ad on side of a London Hackney Cab parked in front of Tower Bridge
Three example Old Mutual Ads
Old Mutual ad on side of a tram
Two stars made otu of Geomag
Old Mutual Business Cards